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Leanne Rose Photography | Seattle Lifestyle and Wedding Photography 2017 was a year of growth in all directions. We started the year freshly transplanted into a new town, in a new state 2,795 miles away from our hometown. Our life was in boxes but atlas we were back in the states after living abroad for […]

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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times ; my heart and soul lies within the Pacific Northwest. When we first found out we were relocating to Washington we put together a bucket list together of what things we wanted to witness, capture, and be apart of during our 3 year journey to […]


Out of all the places I have lived, Washington is by far the most glorious. I step outside my house and I’m overwhelmed by the fresh air and scent of pine trees. The sense of wonder in this state is intoxicating and It makes me so happy to be a Seattle Wedding Photographer. Growing up in […]

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“The quality of Venice that accomplishes what religion so often cannot is that Venice has made peace with the waters. It is not merely pleasant that the sea flows through, grasping the city like tendrils of vine, and, depending upon the light, making alleys and avenues of emerald and sapphire, Citis a brave acceptance of […]

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I met Marlyss my first week of seventh grade and we became inseparable instantaneously. Every single monumental moment in my life she has been one of the first people I’ve called. I could go on and on about what an amazing person and friend she truly is. I mean she graduated highschool as salutatorian and also received her […]

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