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Colin and Erica rented out their favorite Italian resturant "Palmas" in the West Village and had a intimate wedding to remember.



Leanne Rose Photography | Seattle Lifestyle and Wedding Photography 2017 was a year of growth in all directions. We started the year freshly transplanted into a new town, in a new state 2,795 miles away from our hometown. Our life was in boxes but atlas we were back in the states after living abroad for […]

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I am not here to run your big day, photos are not everything. I refuse to add to the preconceived expectations already put on weddings. I am here to simply observe and document the things you didn't know were happening because you were too busy being in the moment. To produce images that show you how much you two are loved. To freeze this moment in space.

After 12 years of being at weddings every weekend I have found that this approach to photography shakes me to my core.  As for me I am a total empath, addicted to capturing every emotion know to man, and drink a bit too much coffee. 

Documentary PHOTOGRAPHER in NEW YORK & Seattle

I'm leanne

this is Me in real life 

this is the most professional photo ever taken of me

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Sailcloth tent wedding at the Inn at Taughannock, Ithaca New York

JORDAN and MORGAN in Ithaca New York