Chris & Raynesia 

She was flexible and accommodating day of as we hit bumps in the road. It was great having a vendor who worked with us as the day unfolded. Her professionalism and ability to adapt to changing situations make an amazing compliment to get technical prowess and natural talent, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone.

When the day is done and the party is over, I know we will have stunning pictures to look back on as we grow old."

Brian and Liza 

I always get nervous seeing how I’ll look in photos taken by other people but after seeing them I almost cried seeing that she made me feel so beautiful. I cannot thank her enough for that. Every photo looks so full of emotion and magical and I’m so happy we get to look back on these photos for years to come! 

I’ve never felt more beautiful in my life."

Marshall & Becky

We absolutely love the wedding photos that Leanne took. We got married in 2020, and her communication and flexibility through the whole complicated process was so helpful. A large part of why we wanted a photographer was to capture authentic pictures of the people we love, and she definitely went above and beyond.

She has such a good eye for the quick, small moments and little details that really tell the story and remind us of the feeling of each moment."


Wedding collections begin at $4500 ( elopements $3000) 
 the average couple spends $6500 for ten hour coverage. 

I create custom collections for each and every one of my clients.

For more details on wedding packages and to find out more about a custom package, please contact me. 

how much does this cost? 

The big question 



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Almost every wedding you see on my website /social media was taken in 8 hours. After over a decade of experience I have found that it's the perfect amount of time to cover everything. You do have the option to add on another hour or two if needed.  I do offer custom packages and ala carte items based on what you need, which we can go over on a quick call. 

How do I know what kind of coverage I need?

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Of course! I always make the time for family and formals if you want them. They are a great way to make sure you have photos with the most important people. I don't often show them on my website as they usually hold less emotions, but I do think they are really important. Even during family formals I am looking for candid in between moments and not just the smile at me framed shot. 

I love the candids but do you capture family formals??

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I think every wedding is absolutely filled with raw and beautiful emotions, you just need to be looking for them. I am very sensitive and working with my instinct. I am always looking for those moments that hold memories and true feelings because I believe it is what makes us human. I deeply value connection and I work tirelessly to capture emotional timeless images, however, no matter how much I am trained to look for those emotions I cannot create them, this is also the magic of documentary photography, capturing life in the most realistic way possible. 

There is so much emotion in your photos, is it like that at every wedding?  

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Contrary to a lot of photographers, I don’t work with a specific and limited number of images. On a typical wedding day, I’ll select around 1000  images, but that number can vary depending on how many little moments are happening. Because of my documentary approach I would 100 percent rather give you an image of someone crying even if its out of focus than keep that memory from you. My galleries are full and feel like stills from a movie 

How many images do you deliver?

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This shoudn't feel like a tricky question to awnser but it is for me. My husband is in the military and has been for the last eleven years of my career. We have been stationed all over the world. Currently we are in Tacoma Washington and will be for a while. Because we move every few years, what I have found best for my sanity is keeping my homebase my hometown in Ithaca NY and just fly home for wedding season. Travel up to 100 miles from Ithaca is free, and also within 100 miles of Tacoma. Travel outside that is custom based

Where are you located and what about travel? 


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You've thoroughly combed through my website, blog and Instagram feed and you like what you see. So the next step is to fill out the inquiry form and setting up a time to chat to make sure we're the perfect fit for one another.

let's CHAT

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Once your date is officially reserved, we'll send over a few goodies to help you prepare for the big day. We're happy to serve as a resource for vendor recommendations, timeline guidance and more!


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I'll check in about one month before the wedding to start chatting about timeline specifics, special details, family formal shot lists, special traditions and anything else we should know about your big day.

wedding PREP

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It's finally here! The day the two of you say "I Do" and dance the night away surrounded by your family and friends. Just know I'm equally excited to celebrate and capture your wedding day. 

the BIG DAY 

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You can expect your photos to be delivered via an online gallery up to 11 weeks after your wedding. At that time, I'll also send over details about preserving your images through prints and albums. 

they're HERE