Many of you don’t know, but I have a bucket list of things I want to photograph. Certain emotions I want to observe, certain life moments that I want to be a fly on the wall for. I simply want to be there as a witness to the best memories a person can have and stop it in time. As the years go by for me Photography isn’t about getting the perfect image anymore, its been about conveying emotion into every image I take. Birth photography has always been on the back of my mind of something I want to explore. I have always wanted to photograph an at home water birth so when Catherine and Sydney told me their birth plan during their maternity session I leaped at the chance. When I got the text early yesterday morning that Catherine was going into early labor( 4 days early) , the same emotions poured over me as I got the morning of my first wedding 6 long years ago. I packed my camera bag and waited by the door for almost 12 hours waiting until her water broke. Finally around 6:30 I got the text and with less than two hours of pushing baby Jack was Born at 8:12pm, 8lbs even, and 19.5 inches long in the comfort of their home.  Congratulations to this beautiful family, I will be forever grateful that you allowed me to be apart of it.  Shout out to the birthing team who worked effortlessly, Birthing Roots Midwifery Services LLC Stacey Callaghan LM, CPM.  Also needless to say I will be booking more births in the future. xoxo



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