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I absolutely love Birth Photography, something about it so raw and full of emotions. I remember when I first found out Jenna was pregnant, it was the second of January 2014. I had no idea how fast those 9 months were going to fly by. I remember each sonogram, each time her son kissed her stomach and I remember counting down the months, days, and weeks.
Emery was born at 8:33am at 8 pounds and two ounces via c-section. It was a beautiful process, the joining of families, welcoming life into the world. I would be lying if I didn’t cry a few times during the day, and okay overtime I look at these images I get teary-eyed. I hope that I can photograph more of these monumental moments in my clients lives.Leanne Rose Photography2016-03-15_00022016-03-15_00032016-03-15_00042016-03-15_00052016-03-15_00062016-03-15_00072016-03-15_00082016-03-15_00092016-03-15_00102016-03-15_00112016-03-15_00122016-03-15_00132016-03-15_00142016-03-15_00152016-03-15_00162016-03-15_00182016-03-15_00192016-03-15_00202016-03-15_00212016-03-15_00222016-03-15_00232016-03-15_00242016-03-15_00252016-03-15_00262016-03-15_00272016-03-15_00282016-03-15_00292016-03-15_00302016-03-15_00312016-03-15_00322016-03-15_00332016-03-15_00342016-03-15_00352016-03-15_00362016-03-15_00372016-03-15_00382016-03-15_00392016-03-15_00402016-03-15_00412016-03-15_00422016-03-15_00432016-03-15_00442016-03-15_00452016-03-15_00462016-03-15_00472016-03-15_00482016-03-15_00492016-03-15_0050


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