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An Unforgettable Finger Lakes Wedding: Morgan and Jordan’s Luxurious Celebration at Taughannock Inn”

In the picturesque embrace of the Finger Lakes region, the Taughannock Inn stands as a beacon of luxury and natural beauty, a perfect escape for sophisticated New York City couples dreaming of a unique wedding experience. I had the privilege of capturing Morgan and Jordan’s special day, a lavish celebration under the elegant folds of a white sailcloth tent, against the breathtaking backdrop of Trumansburg, Ithaca New York . Join me as we relive their unforgettable wedding, highlighting the luxurious details and enchanting setting that made their day truly remarkable.

A Venue Like No Other

For Morgan and Jordan, the journey from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Upstate NY was a quest for a wedding location that could offer both grandeur and intimacy. The Taughannock Inn, with its majestic views of the Finger Lakes and its sprawling, well-manicured grounds, presented the perfect canvas for their vision. This venue, known for its unique charm and elegance, promises an exclusive experience, blending the sophistication of city life with the tranquil beauty of nature. In 2021, the Taughannock Inn did a bunch of upgrades and created a dedicated wedding garden, named ” The Enchantment” This “Great Gatsby inspired ” venue can hold events and weddings for up to 300 people.

Elegance Under the Sailcloth

The choice of a white sailcloth tent for their reception was a testament to Morgan and Jordan’s impeccable taste. This elegant structure, set against the lush greenery and panoramic lake views, provided a stunning setting for a day filled with love, laughter, and celebration. The sailcloth tent, with its airy and light ambiance, complemented the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious blend of indoor luxury and outdoor splendor.

Luxurious Details and Personal Touches

Every aspect of Morgan and Jordan’s wedding was carefully curated to reflect their personalities and love story. From the exquisite floral arrangements that adorned the tables to the gourmet menu that tantalized the taste buds of their guests, no detail was overlooked. Morgan chose moss and nature for her floral and it transformed this sailcloth tent. The couple’s choice of decor, combining modern elegance with touches of naturalist charm, showcased their unique aesthetic and contributed to the overall allure of their celebration.

A Day to Remember

As the sun set over Cayuga Lake, Morgan and Jordan’s wedding unfolded into an evening of heartfelt speeches, laughter, and dancing under the stars. The joy and love radiating from the couple and their guests illuminated the night, creating memories that would last a lifetime. With my Documentary wedding photography approach I aimed to capture the essence of their celebration—the moments of joy, the beauty of the setting, and the love that Morgan and Jordan share.

Morgan and Jordan’s wedding at the Taughannock Inn was more than just an event; it was a celebration of love, a testament to the beauty of the Finger Lakes, and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. For New York City couples seeking a unique and luxurious wedding destination, Morgan and Jordan’s celebration stands as a beacon of inspiration. Through my lens, I was honored to capture the magic of their day, preserving the memories of their luxurious Finger Lakes wedding for years to come.

In a world where love and beauty intertwine the Taughannock Inn shines as a masterpiece of elegance and joy, a true reflection of their journey together.

This is the visual story of Morgan and Jordan’s luxurious Finger Lakes wedding, capturing the essence of their celebration under the white sailcloth tent, set against the enchanting backdrop of the Taughannock Inn. These images reflect the sophisticated venue, with plenty of Candis in a documentary approach to truly capture the modern elegance of their wedding.

Want to see more about the Taughannock Inn? Here is an article Conde Naste Traveler wrote with one of my images on the front page https://www.cntraveler.com/story/finger-lakes-wedding-venues

Venue: https://www.inntfalls.com

Floral : Alex of Wilder Gardens and Flowers

Band / DJ: EBE RIO

second shooter: Dani T photography


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